There are many dangers in the deep black void of space that can threaten both crew and ship. Presented here are the latest alerts and intelligence briefings on known security threats found on the borders of Confederation space.


The Zangid are an aggressive, conquest oriented, warrior race whoes imperial government has engaged in several conflicts and disputes with the Galactic Confederation of Allied Worlds. At present, an uneasy truce exists between the Confedertaion and the Zangids, which is enforced by a treaty zone which separates the two parties with an uncomfortably small "No Mans Land" region of space between the Sol Sector and the Xoth Sector. Incursion by either party across this treaty zone into the others territory would be considered a blatant act of war. Within this narrow "No Man's Land" several neutral outposts have been established by both sides for the purposes of diplomacy, trade, and mutual aide; should it be needed. These neutral outposts are often operated by third parties who hold no allegiance to either the Zangids or the Confederation. The truce has created a new form of intergalactic cold war between the Zangids and the Confederation generating considerable tension between both governments. Incidents of Zangid aggression are often felt first at these remote outpost and result in frequent requests for aid or mediation from the Confederation's Space Guard.


Little is known about the Videni, other than the fact they are biologically related to the Taurans. However, unlike the Taruans, the Videni are passionate, aggressive, and devious. For the most part the Videni are technologically equal to the other space-faring races of the galactic frontier. However, the Videni military doctrine has encouraged the advancement of some exotic technologies in favor of those used by the other races. Videni have a strong physical resemblance to Taurans and have been known to use spies disguised as Taurans in order to infiltrate other cultures and governments.




Coming from beyond the boudaries of charted space is an ancient race of cybernetic lifeforms called the Hive. Aside from rumors and speculation almost nothing is known about the Hive. It is assumed, as their name suggests, that they operate as part of an insect hive like cooperative community. While the Hive have only been seen through fleeting glimpses on long range sensor scans there has been no known contact with these aliens.


Native to several planets in the Xoth Sector, the Xoth Bat (A.K.A. Sky Shark) is a medium sized omnivorous flying reptile. They are blind, having no visual sensory organs, and navigate by a combination of smell, heat sensitivity, echo location, and polar magnetic navigation. Xoth Bats are nocturnal, and like Earth bats, live in caves and dark places but this is where the similarity ends. These predators are cold blooded reptiles that are a prehistoric throw back that has inhabited planets in the Xoth Sector for possibly billions of years. Like the shark of Earth's oceans, the Xoth Bat is voracious single minded predator that exists only to fly, eat, and reproduce. It is not discriminate in its choices of food and will attempt to eat anything that is not trying to eat it first.

Encountered: 1d6,   Movement: 6', 3' (F): 120', 60',   Intelligence: Animal / Low,

Psionic Potential: Inactive 2d4,   Hits: 2d8,  Armor: -2,   Combat Skill: 11,

Attacks: 1 (Bite),   Damage: 2d4 + Disease,   Morale: 7,   XP: 25